"The Room" 



- A unique Artist in Residence on a unique spot -  


Our 300 sqft artist in residence is located at the east side of Central Station,

which was the old Harbour of Amsterdam build in 1875.

It is meant to be used by artists, musicians, actors, writers, architects, film makers, designers,

jewellers, apprentices, who like to study, work or be for a while in Amsterdam.

In "The Room" you will find a small but cosy place to work and stay for a while by 1 person.


The area has been redeveloped for housing and studio purposes in the last 15 years.

The new architecture is outstanding build on peninsula's with wide canals.

"The Room" is on one of those peninsula's: "Borneo Island", 

on a corner with a wide view over the canal and towards the city.

On walking distance is a shopping centre in a restored harbour building. 

Restaurants are all over the place, from very expensive and exquise to a meal in the pub, 

or take away from the deli or the Indonisian "girls". 

Very close you find an old Dutch windmill which houses a brewery with very special beers, our favourite!

It is very easy to get into the centre by busses or trams it just takes not more than 5-10 min.